A Good Day!

On January 9, 2013

Today has been a good day I have been out for my first run since my injury. I managed to keep it reasonable in distance and intensity and returned feeling good and no twinges. I am excited to start running again making sure this time I build it up slowly and really concentrate on warming up and stretching at the end to improve my poor leg flexibility. I have to beat my weak knee problem and tight hamstring.


Amanda on the final panel, super finger and forearm endurance!

This afternoon I joined Amanda and Joel on the Henry Price traverse a really long gritstone wall with great edges all the way along. There are 4 panels of varying difficulty; roughly French 6b to 7a+ and each one has a good route feel with a crux section and sustained climbing. It was great to be climbing of course, I have been able to climb on this even with my bad back but initially I over did it trying to train on the continuous small edges and felt my fingers feel twinge. This time though I have been taking it easy doing short session to start with and building up. Today I managed my project of doing the second easiest panel just open handed, surprisingly difficult (it has been 3 sessions to get it)! I think this wall might well be really good training for the fingers especially restricting yourself to one grip type. It certainly is teaching me to deal with bitterly cold rock!

Joel free styling away from the traverse, I will be up for these problems soon!

Joel free styling away from the traverse, I will be up for these problems soon!

Joel is somewhat of HP master, this was the first time I have seen some of the problems he has made on there and I am actually very psyched to do them. It takes a lot of creativity to make these. The coolest looking line is a 8a circuit on this amazing old tree! Loving this!

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