My Adventure

There are many things that have happened to me that have lead me onto the web to create this site for your enjoyment and interest. Here is some of my story so far…


A young me, held in the arms of my namesake Justice and his wife Ruth.

1993 Namibia, I was born in Oshakati hospital. My parents were working with the charity VSO (, my mum as a doctor and my dad as a mechanic. We were taken in by the local community and I take my middle name Justice from there close friends. Although I only lived there till I was one and a half, my parents experience there shaped the rest my future. We have been back twice and lived with the local people it was a very special experience.

Hockerton Housing Project

Home sweet home, a small piece of Eden!


Having returned from Africa my parents joined a group of 5 families to build a earth sheltered, zero carbon, sustainable housing project. The sight is on 24 acres of land where they produce all of there own energy, collect all of there water and deal with all the organic waste. They grow 80% of there fruit and Veg and rear sheep chickens and fish. This has been an eden to grow up on. For 16 years I grew up with woods, lakes and animals. Such a playground for the imagination and a knowledge and appreciation of the beautiful natural environment.

Rock Climbing!

Learning the ropes on cold gritstone.

Late night training in an old grain barn.

Aged 12 I discovered climbing and have been pretty involved since. Inspired by the yorkshire crags around my grandparents house I brought my family along to learn the ropes and get out climbing in the dales. I quickly discovered several things, firstly that I had found a sport that I could excel in, secondly that I lived a long way from any rock and thirdly that british weather is pretty cold and wet. These factors brought me up mainly in the indoor walls of Nottingham and Sheffield and introduced me to the excitement of competition climbing. With the opportunities I had I put in as many hours as I could, traversing brick walls on a few bolted on holds, lapping every route at the climbing gym.

Dreadlocked and determined.

After a few years I was winning regional competitions and making the podiums in national finals. in 2008 I was selected for the british team and have been competing internationally since then. I entered the scene with a bang coming 8th in my first international event, the Youth World Championships in Sydney. I have been fighting that result ever since with a few successes. In 2010 I came 6th in the European Youth Cup (EYC) in Wien, Austria and in 2012 I have had my best EYC series with a 5th place in Edinburgh, a 7th place in Imst, Austria and my first podium in Moscow coming 3rd. My current European under 20’s ranking is 4th.

As my climbing has progressed so has my relationship with the climbing community. I was nominated as the junior GB team captain from 2010 – 2012 which helped me to develop my communication skills. It also gave me a greater understanding of the wider aspects involved within the climbing world. I am currently starting to run coaching sessions for motivated climbers with the aim of guiding and inspiring people towards personal success. I have been a representative for Beyond Hope LTD. for ┬ámany years providing coverage for there brands (Evolv, Metolius and Prana). I also am supported by Alpkit an up and coming outdoor adventure brand local to Nottingham. Working with them, the friendliest and most down to earth company I have heard of has kept me well in touch with mass participation of the great outdoors.

Working with the Junior GB team as captain.

Camping with Alpkit!


Alongside competing I maintained my initial passion for climbing on real rock. Living a long way from the crags I have done most of my climbing on trips to climbing areas. In Yorkshire and abroad have climbed many classic routes up to F8b. I am currently finding my feet in the traditional scene with a large base of trad routes E5 and bellow. This is a big focus for the future as well as big routes and deep water soloing.

Climbing vs Sustainability

An ethical dilemma, a sustainable dream.

My ethics on the environment have become stronger over the years. Growing up on a sustainable development like Hockerton Housing Project, as well as being an incredible gift has caused several issues for me. I have grown up with lots of knowledge about our impact on the world and facts and figures of climate change. This not only creates a huge burden of guilt for the inevitable part I will play in catastrophes of the future it also gave me the experience of living a lifestyle that was sustainable and an environment that was spiritually rewarding. This all makes entering the real world quite challenging. As a result having flown the nest aged 19 I all but gave up the dream of high level climbing because of the environmental impact of international travel.


If Not Then What, sustainable campaigning.

If Not Then What, sustainable campaigning.

However I have realised that through the respect and inspiration created by being an elite athlete (or any other area of life) you can bring peoples attention to the activities you are doing and influence them to do similar things. This has inspired a new goal in life for me. I hope that through being the best at climbing I can as well as being as environmentally conscious as we should be. I might not only inspire better stronger healthier climbers but also influence a more environmentally conscious community of people. It is monumental task but one that I enjoy every minuet of and rewards myself physically and spiritually. What more could I aspire to in life.

European train travel with my younger sister Flo.

What does this mean in action? Training really hard to climb the most inspiring, hardest climbs. Compete internationally and achieve world class rankings and shouting about my achievements. All the time assessing my impact on the world and taking every measure that I can to set a great example. Over 2012 I have traveled to 7 international events overland instead of flying including London to Moscow! I have altered my diet to as vegan as possible with various clauses (you will have to find out about them in my Blogs). As well as many other areas of sustainable life I am genuinely trying to live the happiest healthiest most productive life that I can and hoping that even the smallest part of my journey might inspire at least one other person in there own adventure.

Moscow podium.




2 Responses to “My Adventure”

  • Great to read all of this and see you share your ideas. Dont waste your energy on guilt. There is a compromise somewhere, follow your heart and do your best and others will be inspired to follow.
    good luck and remember all little plants need watering!
    love you

  • Hi Luke
    Nice web site I will read some to Harry. Harry has started his NICAS level 2. Usually climbing 4+ and 5. Then had a go on a slab yesterday at 6a as the 5 was in use and up he went with one fall because dad said JUMP! then he worked it out him self. So I got him a new pair of shews as the hole in the ones we borrowed from Simon had opened up. So that should help his reach. I’m not getting much climbing as theirs no one to belay me (oh what a shame). Look after your self Love from the Tilleys

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