The Climbing Station Lecture

On September 30, 2012

Last week was a long week, filming for the short documentary I am doing took up all of Tuesday/Wednesday and involved two long nights catching up with my best mate Dom and an early morning out to the Roost. I am working evening shifts at the climbing wall to pay the rent 4/5pm till 10pm leaves me tired and hungry after the 5mile ride home.

So when it came to an early start on Saturday morning to make my way to the opening of the new Climbing Station in Loughborough I was a Little stressed and very tired. This was not least because it was a day of boulder competing but also I had booked myself in with tom to give my first lecture on my climbing experience.

The climbing station is a good new facility on the outskirts of Loughborough city center it feels quite small but is larger than first expected. The king feature for me is the amazing circuit board probably twice the size of most in the UK and certainly the biggest I have seen. The setting throughout the center is great and has pooled a broad range of people to set it up. It was good to see the brainchild of two of my good friends, Tom Randall (my coach) and Roger Bonnet the father of my close friend from Tom from Nottingham, they really have set up a pretty cool facility.

After the very relaxed and fun boulder competition which was more of a friendly boulder session it came round to lecture time. I was pretty nervous after a shaky run through beforehand with Tom which lowered my confidence. However as the room filled and my starting slide was on the board I tried to put out a relaxed demeanor and my state of mind followed suit. After a brief introduction from Tom bigging up my climbing achievements I followed through with a smooth presentation, much better than the practice. People chuckled when I wanted them to and the faces of my audience remained animated throughout. I had a couple of questions at the end, which is a good sign.

My presentation was a whistle stop tour following the development of my climbing with a focus on the role indoor climbing has played a part in achievements. My goal was to inspire people to use this great new facility to achieve whatever goals they might have and take it as a great opportunity to go on there own climbing adventure.

It was really great to do this lecture and get a feel for this sort of work. It was really humbling to speak next to my coach Tom Randall and to finally here/see his account of climbing Century Crack!

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