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Communication is one of greatest skills and is one of my favorite activities. I offer technical coaching on skills analysis, training plan interpretation, training principles and general climbing improvement. If you want to improve your climbing and want experienced, friendly support then I could be your perfect coach.

Talking steep climbing with Billy Ridal Photo thanks to  Pete Wuen!

Talking steep climbing with Billy Ridal Photo thanks to
Pete Wuen!

My introduction to coaching was through voluntary work with kids groups at the Nottingham climbing center in 2006. It was something that I found very rewarding and natural.

As my own climbing took off I started competing internationally as well as studying for school exams, coaching had to take a back seat. However this time of personal climbing has given me the experience and skills to guide people on there own path to excellence.

Since 2007 I have competed with the Junior GB team at European and World Wide events. As a teenager this took a great commitment and I had to balance a healthy social life with training and climbing sometimes 6 days a week. I have trained both with and without very periodized training plans and worked for many years with my coach Tom Randall The outcome was good international results spanning my whole competition career. These include 8th in the 2008 Youth World Championships (Sydney, Australia) to 3rd in the 2012 European Youth Cup (Moscow, Russia).

At the same time I believe in keeping as many doors open throughout life and making the most of every opportunity. I am an advocate of the value academia and a rounded education, holding 3 grade A, A levels. Studying physical education at school has given me broad understanding of sports science, coaching and physical education in society.

In 2010 I was selected as the GB team captain. This rekindled my passion for sharing knowledge, experience and motivation. Since then I have worked on competition tactics, training and lifestyle advice with the up and coming juniors. I also do occasional training sessions for the Nottingham Junior Climbing Team and have been working as a personal instructor for my sister Flo Tilley who recently got selected for the GB team.

I can offer coaching at any level and for any age for those that are motivated to improve. This can be for competitions, out door routs or just sessions down at the gym. I focus on a all round approach to climbing and believe it is a great tool for happier healthier life. If you like the sound of my approach and want to see gains in your climbing then I am available as your personal coach.

Route SettingĀ 

Since bolting holds onto the side of my garage in 2006 2 years after starting climbing, I have been setting traverses and boulder problems. This included running small bouldering competitions for the local climbers (2 other GB team athletes lived within 2 miles of my house!). In more recent years I have set boulder problems for the Nottingham Climbing Centre and currently setting the circuits at the Leeds Depot Climbing Centre.

Although I have not yet stepped up to the route setting challenge, this is definitely something to keep an eye out for. I have competed on world-class plastic routes for half a decade and experienced the most interesting and exciting setting. My experience from many years outdoors climbing has also racked up a good vocabulary of climbing moves.

If you are interested in my setting expertise then please get in touch!

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