Alpkit is a grassroots company that has grown into a recognized and popular outdoors equipment company, I have grown up on the Alpkit winter bouldering league that is held each year at the Nottingham Climbing Center. It is run by a bunch of real outdoorsy people who like to spend lots of time doing the activities there kit is designed for. I have been an athlete on there team for many years supporting a local company that employs many friends of mine. To top all this off Alpkit are moving production of there kit from overseas to here, reducing there environmental impact.


Metolius makes high quality equipment for real outdoor climbing, When it comes down to climbing scary trad routes I need to be confident in my trad rack and happy that I am not taking extra weight. Metolius gear has not let me down!



Good fitting climbing shoes are very important to me, for me the Evolv Talons are the best boot. I have been sponsored by Evolv for over 4 years and have never looked back. The great thing about Evolv for me is that I do not have to compromise on my ethical decisions as they are the only company to use recycled rubber on there boots.


Prana clothing allows me take my climbing everywhere without looking too much like a dirtbag. Not only are the materials used often natural and organic but Prana has an outstanding natural power initiative ( The company offsets all of its energy consumption with sustainable investments.

Up to Summit is a mountain adventure company offering instruction in all areas of climbing. I have been on many European trips with the Up to Summit team, which is some of the best trips I have been on. The intructors are very experienced and the most genuine and helpful people you can find.

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  • Hi Luke
    Your sites looking good an inspiration to Harry.
    It would be lovely to come up and do some climbing all together one day.
    Harry got his NICAS level one signed off last week, and needs one more session to finish his level two. Looks like he wants to keep it up, he is relay enjoying the lessons. Some encouraging comments as he passes a few adults on his way up. He seams to climb like a monkey and needs to use his legs more. He is also enjoying exercising at home.
    Hope to see you over Christmas.
    Love Rowland and famley

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